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Help Doug get 1000+ signatures

Just imagine if in Windsor we didn’t have a King to protect the Great Park and all the land around.

If we still had a Tory controlled council and those in power were looking to feather the nests of their chums.

There might be talk right now of Stag Meadow being sold off to build a 50 story tower block with penthouse views across the Great Park to Windsor Castle & The Copper Horse.

With money raised being used to knock down the cricket club, rugby club, tennis and archery facilities at Home Park in favour of a new fancy football stadium with astroturf rolling mats for practicing being fouled 😉

Thankfully that is not happening in Windsor but a similar story had been playing out in Maidenhead until the new LibDem Council did a very sensible about turn.

It is very likely that even though a petition was put in asking for the decision to be reversed, it will not be.

But a counter petition, agreeing with the council decision put in by Doug Watts has almost 700 signatures, it would be great to see it get over 1,000 if you’d be so kind.

If you could sign here…

More insight here…

Thank you.


One response to “Help Doug get 1000+ signatures”

  1. “Just imagine if in Windsor we didn’t have a King to protect the Great Park and all the land around”

    Yeah, just imagine. Maybe Maidenhead wouldn’t have to take the brunt of the home-building targets that have resulted in the high-rise monstrosities ruining our town centre. (York Road – MUFC’s ground – will soon be surrounded, on two sides, by multi-story apartment blocks.)

    Hey ho. At least our historic football club is a success story: 150+ years in existence and punching above its weight in the National League, with thriving community initiatives and various teams (boys, girls, women, futsal, walking, etc). However, we must keep progressing on and off the pitch. Otherwise, we might stagnate, go bust, and have to reform in the lower leagues, playing at a rival’s ground in another town. Does that scenario sound familiar, Mr I-Love-Windsor? It should.

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