23rd April to become Prince George of Cambridge’s Official Birthday

I’ve requested use of a Prince George pic… and also a better Queen pic… in the meantime this snap shot of video will have to do 😉

I was thinking how inspirational it would be to have a really good reason to celebrate St George’s Day properly…


Those postage stamp pictures of little Prince George and the one’s of him in his dressing gown meeting Obama got me thinking…

Currently our beloved Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays, her actual day of birth 21st April and then the official one which varies around the commonwealth but is mid-June in the United Kingdom.

So I would like to propose the future King, Prince George of Cambridge (22nd July) has an official birthday which would be the 23rd April, St George’s Day, thus giving the England a jolly good reason to start celebrating St George’s Day properly instead of the current slightly embarrassed, are we allowed to celebrate or is that being nationalistic and therefore offensive to a few people that might choose to come and live here!

Please vote in favour and then with enough votes and due consideration it can become official across the land 😉


I’ve posted the petition on the UK Government and Parliament Petitions website. It’s had 6 supporters to date and so is now just waiting for their admin team to allow it to show on the government petition site… but you can sign it now…


Thank you.


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