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Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day 2016

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Prince Edward

Ascot played host to The Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day on Wed 27th April 2016

It was nice to see Prince Edward onside with my campaign by choosing St George’s choir to surround him to start the day!

Most folk got there early to have a meet & greet with Prince Edward but I had to take my son to Wrexham Park Hospital first thing and so arrived just in time to hear his welcome address 😉

They’d sold 48 tables which along with auctions and raffle prizes puts the event in line to gross £100,000 (fingers crossed) with a very high percentage seeing its way into the fund, helping many local people in Windsor & Maidenhead in the coming year.

You know you’re at a posh lunch when grace is sung by a choir…

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day silent auction

This year the silent auction was done using ipads and big screens with each table able to bid directly… last year I was manning a table and had to manually update the bids onto a PowerPoint which was then projected on a few screens around the room… so my job this year was way easier!

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Blandford Windsor Racecourse

Sadly there was no picture on the silent auction for the Blandford… in its place the Rotary logo… I was hoping it was going to sell for a few thousand and up the value of my own collection… perhaps next year!

Sharon treated her team to a weekend’s boating on one of Kris Cruisers… I was lucky enough to enjoy a few days on the river last year as part of the Magna Carta celebrations…

Windsor Castle in the evening from Lady Karen on The River Thames

My evening view… and thankfully, the morning one too 😉

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Jaguar Festival launch

At the this year’s fund raiser, next year’s was announced… the Jaguar Festival 2017 at Windsor Castle… Morse motors at the ready!

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Jaguar cars

It’s funny who you meet at these events… when we arranged the Rolls Royce rally a few years ago I bumped into this chap…

I bet you can’t guess how he made his money… it’s out of this world 😉

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day first bet

When in Rome…

The Mayor was on hand with some top tips… I on the other hand preferred the trusted method of choosing No 4 in each race! Wish I’d done a couple each way as I recall at least 2 second places… this was one of them in the 2nd race!

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day 2nd

But then as if by magic in the 3rd… paid for my afternoon’s fun in the sun…

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day winner

There was an old champion on hand… Cesare won £400,000 in his career, including a race at Royal Ascot… enjoys a cuddle now!

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Cesare

And for those that appreciate art there were a couple of items on hand for your consideration… so what’s this look like to you?

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Polar Bear

Then, as the day came to an end, we had permission to collect from the race goers on behalf of The Prince Philip Trust Fund…

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day Windsor Girls

Interactors from Windsor Girls School and also Windsor Sea Scouts joined us and help raise another few hundred quid…

Prince Philip Trust Fund Race Day  last race

The end to another fine day’s Rotary activity, helping local causes and one of our honorary members raise a significant sum for his charity.

If you’d like to know more about Rotary then why not join us for lunch one Monday at the Castle Hotel?

Thank you.


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  1. Ron Lewandowski Avatar
    Ron Lewandowski

    Good stuff Jon. I was the lucky bidder for Dennis’s painting, and am intending to have copies/prints made for sale for Rotary charities if copyright will permit. Ron

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