Windsor Conservatives’ Great British Litter Pic…

Not sure the idea of the Great British Spring Clean was to produce more plastic waste than you pick up but hey, why let logic get in the way of a great idea?

Hat’s off to those that took part. I know many people who randomly pick up litter as they stroll about but it is good to get together and meet fellow members of the community; we hosted a litter pic last weekend with Plastic Free Windsor…

The Conservative Party nationally have managed to make a pigs ear with a dogs breakfast chaser mess of Brexit so it’s not surprising that all their primary motivation locally for joining in with this year’s Keep Britain Tidy Campaign was to get photos of them picking up litter…

all saints roundabout

Encamped on All Saint’s Church roundabout, I’m sure I saw the church warden wondering where the church litter bin contents had gone… the Lord works in mysterious ways…

dudley surveying proceedings

He certainly does… Simon Dudley, leader of the Conservative Party, called out to me to tweet out the photo… I know my place and so have duly obliged 😉

3 plastic banners

Taking a well earned rest with his photographer after putting up the 3 x 2m plastic banners making it clear to all who drove past how they pay lip service to signing the Plastic Free Windsor policy and absolute love producing plastic banners…

I wonder who paid for these?

You know what to do for change in May…

Thank you.


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