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Be More Social, Less Media this Christmas

#queenat90 on the tour bus

The last six months have been a most interesting time for me… becoming a Councillor has both added value to my world and also increased my effectiveness in my day job… who’d have thought it 😉

The only downside is the trolls incessant badgering… why can’t they go and add value to the world instead of moaning from behind a keyboard?

Chris Packham’s Christmas message to his trolls is worth a watch and a ponder.

chris packham christmas

When you start talking to people about online engagement, they share their own stories and the number of children that are being bullied through social media is deeply concerning, the negative impact this is having on future generations is incalculable and we need to do something to stem the tide.

There are many reasons why people may be mean, often because they are dealing with their own pain and at this time of year perhaps a little compassion is needed.

We can start by being more mindful of the words we use and their potential impact on ourselves and others…

I shared these videos a few days ago and feel the need to share it again, it shows the impact of positive and negative vibrations (words & sounds) on water… and since we are made of water, think on.

dr emoto thank you

Now get off the computer and go and speak to real people in real time instead and feel the love that is abound this Christmas.

Try and hold on to that feeling long into the New Year 😉

Happy Christmas


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