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Tuesday this week is the annual Budget Vote

lowest council tax leaflet

For the last two weekends the Tories have been out in force, 12 of them yesterday, in Clewer & Dedworth West handing out a flyer with a glaring spelling mistake!

What surprised me about the flyer was that the main photo was of those famous banners shouting about the lowest council tax outside London… do they never learn?

lowest council tax leaflet

14 years of hurt is more like it. Failure to lift council tax each year means that not only are we 20+ million a year short of where we could have been. We also miss out on Government funding as they figure, if we haven’t upped the council tax by the recommended amount then we obviously have a slush fund. 

A very naive approach which has left this Tory administration in a position where they have made promises to fund the Arts this year when they don’t even know if they’ll have enough money to meet that promise.

£140,000 on a £100,000,000 plus income 

Think about that for a minute…

Truly embarrassing and they put the image front and centre of their flyer… what planet do they live on?

Anyway, it’s nice of them to focus so much energy on my ward, it tells me I’m doing something right 😉

Thank you.

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