Reflecting on what has been achieved…

I felt the need to respond to a mantra we hear from the Tories and their supporters all too often, which always makes me think of the scene Monty Python’s Life of Brian “What have the Romans ever done for us?” 😉

It was published in The Express letter pages this week.

I’d like to respond to last week’s letter from an ex-councillor stating that “During the past three years Dedworth Councillors have said a lot but achieved little.” It made me reflect and think, what have I achieved…

  • HEMWOOD DELL – One of my first tasks was to reassure residents that buyers could do nothing with the plots of land they bought. This was done with the invaluable support of officers and is ongoing as other plots are purchased in West Windsor.
  • CIPFA – At my second ever Full Council meeting I asked about over spends on budgets and contributed to CIPFA being brought in to review the governance, approval and management processes in relation to the Clewer and Dedworth Neighbourhood Improvements capital scheme.Ultimately creating a more solid financial base for RBWM.
  • DOG AGILITY – On inspecting the Dog Agility course in Victoria Park I notice huge ruts running the full length of the field. Residents advised dogs and children had been injured by these ruts! I spoke to officers and had them all filled in.
  • SUTHERLAND GRANGE – The recycling bins which were always spilling over and it looked and smelt awful. This took an extra year to improve and tens of thousands of pounds of residents’ money were wasted because of the objections of a few!
  • DEDWORTH CHRISTMAS FAIR – I brought the committee together which saw thousands of local residents turn out for an excellent community event.
  • DECOs & WARDENS – I championed the Wardens while pushing back on the District Environmental Crime Officers and this will see further changes next year, hopefully for the better. You can’t always win but highlighting pros & cons moves things forward.
  • DEDWORTH LIBRARY – we constantly highlighted the good work of the libraries  which saw funding found for the hours needed in the budget at the last minute!
  • LOW TRAFFIC NEIGHBOURHOOD – The prospect of Dedworth becoming one great big LTN was challenged. I led the way, others taunted and removed posters but we won that battle with the support of thousands of residents.
  • GARDEN CENTRES – The inclusion of them in the Borough Local Plan meant Squires was sold but I did try to help Wyevales survive. 
  • AL21 – I am having proactive discussions with Wates regarding CIL monies that will come available to ensure they are maximised for the benefit of residents.
  • FREE CHRISTMAS PARKING – I championed this and the net effect has been a rather paltry 1 hour free offering in car parks locals don’t use but hey, small win.
  • ECOLOGICAL SURVEY – An ecological survey was conducted which gives officers greater insight into the natural environment around West Windsor.
  • THE SWAN & WINDSOR CYCLE HUB – I was able to direct council funding to the Swan via the Councillor local allowance scheme to help improve the electrics in some of their out buildings and also, with the help of Abri, helped set up the Windsor Cycle Hub.
  • COVID – my first action was to set up a Facebook Group to share information with community groups and those engaging with residents. I helped lay the foundations for what has become the West Windsor Hub. I joined Tesco as my business stalled and found it very rewarding being able to boost the confidence of residents struggling to make sense of things. Through Rotary we also bought a 3D Printer for The Boys School who made masks for local businesses.
  • As well as helping residents with their own unique issues where I have been able.

I’ll let readers decide if that’s a “little” or a fair shout for a new Independent Councillor.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey


Clewer & Dedworth West

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