Breaking My Facebook Addiction

I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook, writing posts and commenting but then who isn’t. Many don’t post or comment, they may “like” but they definitely read, probably too many, posts a day.

When you find yourself constantly checking your social media channels, it’s time to reflect on is this time well spent?

Well this weekend I didn’t check Facebook once but I did…

  • clean most of the downstairs windows inside and out
  • watch much of the rugby & football
  • reach out to 52 Commonwealth Countries about our Rotary Club Tribute to HM the Queen
  • come up with a revised format for our Youth Speaks Competition at Eton College
  • take a car full of stuff to the tip & report the quality of the highway to officers!
  • plant some sunflower and tomato seeds
  • top up the bird feeders
  • walk the dog
  • work on a new business idea
  • cook Sunday dinner, stewing a joint of beef for 4 hours

And posted this blog just in time for Peaky Blinders 😉

I think I’ll have another week off Facebook and who knows what might be achieved…

Thank you.


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