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Hemp Oil and Balsamic Vinegar on Your Greens

greens with hemp oil and balsamic vinegar for lunch

When I think back to holidays in my twenties, visiting the Greek Islands and there was always a bottle of balsamic and virgin olive oil on the table, sometimes entwined 😉

So today, 30 years on, when I start getting interested in how to reduce my timber for the good of my health I start looking into these things.

We use Hemp Oil for cooking, Coconut Oil instead of butter and Balsamic Vinegar on salads.

Looking into the benefits and there are many sources on the Internet, it would seem that my instincts have been correct but perhaps we need to blend a little more…

With circulation, good fats, lower heart disease, weight loss, calcium absorption, lower anxiety, better sleep, reduced cholesterol, blood pressure, chances of a stroke all mentioned it makes sense to mix things up.

So let’s try having greens for lunch each day, with added Balsamic and Hemp Oil and see how that feels in a week… and if there is any weight loss… time will tell.

Thank you.


P.S. This was meant to be posted on Blokes Losing Timber but hey, happy to share my greens 😉

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