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3 Weeks Championing Windsor’s Community Fridge

windsor's community fridge 9th aug

Week one I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Fridge at 181 Oxford Road, Windsor from 9:30 am till around 1pm. Most “food rescuers” have visited by 12:30 so we can get the fridge ready for the evening deliveries.

Tiia Stephens Founder, Fran Maunder Chair of Trustees, Jon Davey Community Manager, Driven Forward Community Fridge

It’s great working alongside a range of volunteers who enjoy being part of the Driven Forward Community Fridge team. There is always room for more volunteers if you have a few hours each week you can spare to be part of the fridge team? We need help in setting up and most customers have finished shopping by 12:30. Volunteers get to choose items before the fridge opens to the public and donate as appropriate. So ideally available 9:30 while 12:30 once a week. Email Tiia on to find out more.

windsor's community fridge 4th aug 2023

Week two we were closed for the first time in years so that the core team could have some time out. I spent time reflecting on the week before, researching what other fridges are doing and pondering some ideas to share with the trustees.

windsor's community fridge 9th aug

Week three I was given the keys and I opened the doors on Tuesday and Wednesday with plenty of food needing homes each day. I shared pictures on Facebook and as well as the regulars there were a few new faces because of my sharing and that felt great.

windsor's community fridge 9th aug

The biggest mental hurdle for me was watching people walk out with 2 or 3 bags of food for such a small donation but the reality is, much of the food needs to be eaten on the day and so it’s best that it is taken and we are not left with unrescued food.

windsor's community fridge 9th aug

The biggest mental hurdle, preventing local people from visiting the fridge, it seems to me, is that they may be taking food away from people who cannot afford it. That is not how the fridge operates. It’s not about means testing, it’s about preventing food waste. So please, come and see for yourself and walk away with a few goodies… individual donations over the two mornings ranged from £3 to £10 which enables us to pay our way and fund new ideas.

windsor's community fridge 8th aug

Do come and visit us and see what we do… hopefully we’ll be able to give you some fruit to walk away with and make yourself a nice smoothie 😉

smoothies from the fridge

Thank you.

Jon Davey
Windsor’s Fridge Community Champion
07717 820823

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