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Responsibility for Local Roads Needs to be Clearly Signed if not RBWM

Windsor Family Hub off Alma Road

If you needed help from Windsor Family Hub and drove down the road between the Police Station and Holiday Inn, off Alma Road, then you would assume it was a local road covered by adopted highways because there is no signage to the contrary.

There is a raised stone barrier in complete disrepair which could easily cause significant damage to a vehicle unless approached very carefully.

I emailed RBWM about this at the end of June and was advised it is not an adopted highway and is the responsibility of Rank Hovis Limited, a legal entity that doesn’t exist anymore!

Windsor Family Hub off Alma Road

The question for me is, who should be making sure the road is in good repair?

There are no signs to indicate it is a private road. There are even double yellow lines which would indicate that council employees, or those contracted by the council as traffic wardens can fine those parking there. So fair to assume that if you damaged your car then you would approach the council for recompense.

At the very least the council should be chasing the land owner to ensure the road is in good repair and not simply looking at data on a computer and pushing it to one side, “Not my job”, as appears to be happening.

If the road is neglected by RBWM but it is inviting local residents to visit Windsor’s Family Hub then surely they should become liable in some way? They obviously have more power than anyone in this situation to get it resolved and need to be taking constructive action.

With my Tesco Community Champions hat on we host regular monthly events at the Windsor Family Hub and I know the management there have been trying to get something done.

Do you agree that RBWM should be chasing the landowners to get this road barrier repaired? 

Windsor Family Hub off Alma Road

If you do then please email your local councillor and put pressure on them to act.

Thank you.


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