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Where did you go on that most memorable school trip?

kids from harrogate

We had 30 kids and teachers in from Harrogate this morning, buying their pack lunches before heading off to Legoland for the day. I guess my camera was thinking how the teachers will be feeling at the end the day 😉

I wonder how many kids from the south head to Harrogate for a few days? Perhaps taking in some cave swimming at Malham Cove… probably not allowed to do that in 2023… I remember being down a cave and the teacher saying don’t go that way, there’s a 30 foot drop a few paces in!

We gave them some sweets and it got me thinking, we don’t stock anything “Windsor” in the shop… I’ll ponder this… any thoughts?

jo maidenhead lions

Jo popped in from the Maidenhead Lions Duck Derby Committee and we gifted them a couple of vouchers for their event on Sunday.

Cath collected 40 toothbrushes to help the kids from Lilliputs with National SMILE Week… which appears to be turning into National SMILE Month. Good causes used to be happy with a day!

To balance things up and to bring a few more smiles, Alexander First School also popped in for some doughnuts as part of their Father’s Day celebrations.

dad and sid

Happy Father’s Day and remember you don’t have to buy your dad a card or a gift to show you love him… a hug and a few hours of peace and quiet is all most of us need 😉

Thank you.


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  1. You didn’t tell me about the 30 foot drop ! Mum xx

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