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Adding Value to the Local Community Part 5 of 7 as RBWM Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West

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Since being elected to represent Clewer & Dedworth West I have written over 500 blog posts for I Love Windsor, with over 60% having a RBWM Councillor theme. That’s a lot of content to work through to create a rounded summary for this blog!

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I’ve highlighted some of my achievements / challenges over the last 4 years as your local Councillor for Clewer & Dedworth West and added some links below to better inform your decision making on Thursday 4th May 2023.

Finding solutions to problems is a big part of who I am and being able to join dots quickly to get a resolution is very pleasing for all and personally satisfying for me.

The list is not in chronological order… you can always search the website using key words to find more!

  1. I began by reading the 7 Principles of Public Life to ensure, as far as possible, any of my blogs respect those principles in my new role as a public person.
  2. I was asked to sit on the Planning Panel, Licensing Panel, the Windsor Town Forum and be shadow lead on Infrastructure for the Local Independent Group.
  3. The cost of filling a pothole was my intro into Infrastructure. A Tory pledge had been to spend a huge sum on filling in potholes, paying the contractor an exorbitant sum.
  4. Hemwood Dell was up for auction, broken into a number of plots and residents were nervous, I involved officers and was able to calm their fears.
  5. I tried to protect Wyevale Garden Centre but was out voted by the Conservatives at the Planning meeting after local Tory Cllrs failed to remove it from the BLP after promises to do so.
  6. Fixing a section of Wolf Lane pavement that had been missed for years because it wasn’t on RBWM adopted highway maps. That’s changed and new tarmac was laid
  7. Sutherland Grange had “Recycling” bins and was allowed to become an absolute health hazard. It was far too easy for anyone to dump their fly tipping there and took a year to get the recycling bins removed.
  8. I supported Windsor Town Council petition and got many signatures.
  9. Spotting overspends locally which had been allowed to happen, my question at Council brought in CIPFA and things were changed so Cllrs can’t just waste taxpayers money on vanity projects.
  10. I arranged for officers to report on the ecology of Hemwood Dell and this was received well by local residents.
  11. I requested capital investment for local friendship benches but the level of over spend found by CIPFA cancelled all Cllrs personal budgets.
  12. I thought bringing questions and motions to Full Council would create debate but found the Conservatives will generally vote against anything that anyone else suggests. Far better to be succinct in responses to any topics up for debate, making it clear your stance for anyone listening online. I’m hoping this will change with a more balanced chamber from next week.
  13. Challenging the Borough Local Plan, I was invited to speak to the Inspector at a formal hearing about my concerns, in an attempt to better protect Dedworth from over development.
  14. I was asked to be Santa Claus at a community event which was a new experience.
  15. I challenged the 2021-22 budget lines.
  16. I fought against the removal of the Advantage card parking charges.
  17. Planning is a complicated subject and you can’t get your head around it in a few hours, it has taken me years to feel comfortable with how the process works and I am learning something new at every meeting.
  18. Should ex Councillors be held to account for their actions was a question I raised after the shambolic behaviour of a few who seem to walk away unscarred, leaving a wake of destruction in their path.
  19. Gardens in Bloom – I enjoyed giving out rosettes and finding out more about this well received competition which brought joy to many and was culled by the Tories.
  20. I found myself, after a couple of strategic conversations as Vice Chair of Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny Panel. This didn’t go down very well with the Conservatives who came en masse to the next meeting to show their displeasure.
  21. Looking to get honest open debate about 5G didn’t happen as Gov are pushing on with their agenda but through my efforts, planning officers have a better understanding of the issues and take them into account when applications come in.
  22. I keep an eye on local Planning Applications and offer my thoughts as appropriate.
  23. When the District Environmental Crime Officers landed in Dedworth I pushed back on their heavy handed approach and most people seemed to agree with me.
  24. I offered a budget challenge when the Conservatives were looking at further culls to Community Wardens and I feel my concerns were heard in the creation of the new contracts for enforcement services.
  25. I made a very strong appeal for Free Parking at Christmas working with Brian from Snappy Snaps and while we had limited success, we tried to help residents and local businesses.
  26. Covid seemed to be used as a tool for many things. Low Traffic Neighbourhoods being one and nearly swamped West Windsor but I led the way, gaining agreement that it would not go ahead, from the Lead Member, if the resident’s petition won the day. It did.
  27. I was able to join some dots with Maidenhead Cycle Hub and the Swan and with the help of Abri, Windsor Cycle Hub was born.
  28. RBWM got some funding to offer Free Call Blockers to vulnerable residents and I gave this promotional support through my social media channels and boosted awareness and uptake.
  29. I worked with Cllr Helen Price & Cllr Amy Tisi on a campaign to Support Dedworth Library which was successful in keeping it open when the Conservatives wanted to cut the budget.
  30. Gardens in Bloom 2021 – and our winner is…
  31. The NHS contacted me about bringing their vaccine bus to Dedworth and this proved very popular with elderly residents.
  32. I tried to appeal for a site for the horse drawn carriage but the council had plans and sadly Peter has had to sell his boys.
  33. I actively promoted Jeff Picks Safety Tips over Christmas
  34. Santa II – The Pirate Park proved very popular for the first big event. I invited the team to come together and what a great job they did and have continued to do since.
  35. In February 2022 Councillor Davey advised the West Windsor Residents Association was no longer registered as a political party and I asked officers to change my listing accordingly on the website as I didn’t feel comfortable saying I represented something that didn’t exist.
  36. You can listen to my BLP speech here. There were lots of people at the meeting and only the Conservatives were in favour of voting the BLP through.
  37. I have been talking to developers and officers since I became a Councillor about AL21. More recently I asked residents for their wish list for any local investments, over 200 responded and I have fed that into my discussion with Wates.
  38. I asked local residents if they would like double yellow lines at the end of Longmead / Smiths Lane after complaints of poor parking and almost 100% agreed. A resident helped with the Burnham Close double yellow line survey while I kept pushing for the recently laid tarmac, which was failing, to be re-done.
  39. It took a while but I finally found a way to get a new bin into Castle Farm Spinney.
  40. Community Land Trust – a new initiative that is gaining momentum and I have been helping them with exposure. It’s all about protecting land and property for future generations.
  41. I promoted NOTICE ME!, a movie produced by the kids at Trevelyan to create better awareness about drug trafficking.
  42. I have been pushing for a zebra crossing for the Willow Residents as part of AL21 development which they have been asking for for years.
  43. If I see what appears to be poor building practices then I have asked officers to investigate resulting in some success but it feels like a very slow process which needs reviewing to protect local residents.
  44. I pushed back against Alexandra Gardens tennis courts being charged but sadly lost.
  45. If I feel a resident is being unfairly treated by the council or a neighbour then I will challenge the situation and look for a resolution. 
  46. After a recent planning meeting I encouraged officers to look more closely at Bray Parish Council’s air quality report in regards to very high levels of pollution in the local area.
  47. I am discussing parking options with local residents concerned over Sawyers Close development
  48. At the last council meeting of this administration I asked for a respectful election campaign and for my part I have tried to present a balanced approach as best I can…

I could probably double this list if I sat here a few days and thought through everything I have done. I know I’ve been busy on your behalf and I hope, if you were asking yourself “who is he” you can see I’m a grafter who likes to get things done.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey


Clewer & Dedworth West

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