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Adding Value to the Local Community Part 7 of 7 … Destiny is All …

jon davey independent cdw rbwm elections 2023 destiny is all

I distinctly remember that young 18 year old sitting on a ferry, off to France to start a month’s Inter-railing after sitting my A Levels, saying to himself that he would only truly be happy when he had kids. I took that middle pic probably 18 years ago and I can honestly say I have been happy, for the most part, ever since. 

Today is the last day candidates for the local elections on Thursday 4th May 2023 are allowed to promote themselves. We have all been very active in our own chosen ways and we will see the results of those efforts around 3:30am on Friday morning at the count at Braywick Leisure Centre.

I’d best have a kip tomorrow afternoon as I’m not much of a night owl, preferring to be part of the dawn chorus!

For the last couple of years I have been reading Bernard Cornwell’s The Last Kingdom series and the main character is called Uhtred Magasin and he often says “Wyrd bid ful araed” which translates as “Destiny is all”.

king john seals the magna carta

The illustration above was drawn by my father-in-law for the Magna Carta and shows King John being forced to sign to prevent him exploiting his powers. Seemed an appropriate image for an election and as a reflection of those times.

For Uhtred in the 870’s and King John in 1215, there were lots of battles to fight and with so many swords swinging, arrows flying, pikes stabbing, you’d have to have a philosophical approach to life. The odds of you living a long and healthy life would have been seriously stacked against you.

The keys to survival were most probably:

  • Mindfulness, being in the moment and aware of your surroundings
  • Practising your craft, for Uhtred a sword, for us softer skills but just as important
  • Being prepared for battle, when you will need to simply let your mind & body take over as any delayed action caused by over thinking a situation might be your last

Hopefully destiny would be on your side and you’d live to fight another day.

election flyer with sid

All candidates today will be putting the finishing touches to their campaigns hoping destiny is on their side.

  • During March I walked around the whole ward putting my election flyer through around 3,000 letter boxes with my mate Sid
  • I facilitated all local candidates being able to share their information in Tesco Dedworth.
  • In April I used my blogging skills to share my achievements as a Councillor over the last 4 years.
  • Over the last week I have shared how I feel I have added value to the community over the last 25 years personally, in business and as a Councillor.

Please review the Added Value series links below:

Tomorrow should not be about the last 4 weeks but the hard graft put in over the last 4 years. I feel that I have been a good Councillor, working well with other Councillors and RBWM officers to find solutions for Dedworth residents and the wider RBWM Community.

As Tesco’s Community Champion I have been supporting the community through my actions & innovative thinking.

Residents have had easy access to me and many have made the most of that 😉

green room swan

Sid and I were invited to share how the election process works with students at The Green Room College based at The Swan in Clewer. They have dog biscuits on tap so Sid was happy 😉

I would really like to serve another 4 years in office, having spent the first 4 learning how the council works, the next 4 should be even more productive.

I hope it is my destiny to be voted in for another term, if it’s not then so be it, I’ll will have to lick my wounds and find another focus for my abundant energy and desire to be of service to the community.

sid the snoodle

In the meantime, I’ll go join Sid in the garden as there is little more I can do…

Destiny is all…

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey


Clewer & Dedworth West

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